Osteoarthrosis is a degenerative-dystrophic disease of the bone joints caused by damage to the articular cartilage surfaces.

Causes of

The main causes of disease: disruption of metabolic processes associated with changes in age, the consequences of injuries and operations on joints, excessive effort on the joints (cycling, athletics, etc. if incorrect settlement of the knee joint), obesity, lack of estrogen of women during menopause. There is studied the variant of inherited genetic defection - defections collagen genre of 2 type. The Oriental Medicine links the diseases of big joints with deregulation of constitution Mucus. Ignorance, which in reality is manifested as a lifestyle, the preference for use of cold foods Yin leads to the accumulation of cool energy in the body - Yin. The body energy imbalance leads to a disruption of the 5 Mucus - Liaison, which is found in all the joints and connect them and is responsible for the flexibility and mobility.

Symptoms of osteoarthrosis.

The disease begins with joints crepitating and mild pains. Over time, the pains are intensifying and the development of the disease leads to the irreversible changes in joint tissues.

Treatment of osteoarthrosis.

Various methods of treatment of osteoarthrosis in the traditional medicine does not act on the main cause of the disease and therefore do not lead to a positive effect. Unfortunately, the medicines treatment - is the most inefficient. Cartilage restoration to its original state by pharmacological preparations is virtually impossible, they have only a local effect. Injection of hormone preparations relieves the pain for a while, but this painful procedure is not restore the body's ability to produce joint fluid, the methods of physiotherapy provide relief in the early stages of osteoarthrosis. The osteoarthrosis without appropriate treatment has serious consequences: pains are very intense; joints are pinched and excluded completely from circulation. There is developed the joints deformation, forming the "nodules", the muscular tissue become inflamed around the affected joint. The disease usually begins in one joint, and gradually takes over almost all joints.

"The causes and conditions of the disease are due to the alimentation and lifestyle," that is said in the Orient and so treatment is aimed to restoring the harmonious relations of the energy in the body, but not to remove the external symptoms. The recommendations concerning the alimentation and lifestyle have a big importance of the treatment. The combined effects on the body include the use of preparations and heating procedures, acupuncture and acupressure, vacuum massage and manipulation of the joints.

In the case of acupressure and acupuncture the active stimulatory actions of the active biological points located on the body are aimed to the regulating of the body's energy system and the inclusion of self-treatment processes.

 A beneficial therapeutic effect is a combination of acupuncture and acupressure in order to heat the biological active points with sagebrush cigars or moxas (contact and contactless method). Only a doctor determines which type of heating is the best for the patient. In the case of heating the body surface in the plan of biological active point is applied a ginger or garlic plate by which is made ​​the heating.

Stone therapy - one of the oldest methods of influence on Mucus - hot stones therapy, which has been used successfully in the complex treatment, and preferably is carried after acupuncture and acupressure.

Vacuum massage activates the processes of circulation of blood and lymph of tissues, there is an alternative expansion and contraction of blood vessels that is kind of cardiovascular exercises. Therefore it is improved the blood supply, it is removed the stagnant phenomenons, it is normalized the metabolic processes, it is removed the slag and activated the organs and systems.

Thus, the treatment of arthrosis by methods of Oriental Medicine is the most effective when using an integrated approach, it is used the phytotherapy and a great significance has the patient attitude, the belief in treatment and willingness to follow the doctor's instructions. Based on the experience of treatment we can certainty say: that the treatment of osteoarthrosis in our clinic provides in the most cases steady positive results.