In oriental medicine pays great attention of the spine condition. This is the central core of the body, which the Tibetan doctors eloquently referred to as "a pillar of gold coins." Violation of the delicate balance on the spine level may cause many diseases.

Radiculitis - is a disease of the peripheral nervous system, the pain is the main characteristic of the disease. The spinal roots form a set of nerve fibers that regulate the coordinated activity of all internal organs and of whole body. The clinical manifestations of disease are determined by the fact at what level there is the injury or inflammation of nerve fibers.

According to statistics this disease affects about 15% of the population over the forty years. Even more important, the doctors say that this disease has lately younger because it is encountered relatively at young people, especially and more frequent among professional sportsmen and people acting in intellectual work (such as those who spend days on computer).

 Causes of occurrence.

Osteochondrosis is the most common cause of disease. It is considered that about 95% of cases of this disease are the manifestation of osteochondrosis, and the remaining 5% - is due to spinal trauma, hypothermia and infection. If osteochondrosis in spinal tissues it occurs the degenerative changes: intervertebral cartilaginous discs lose their elasticity, muscle spasms raise the blood pressure and the gap between two vertebras decrease, and the salts are deposited in the joints of vertebras with altered intervertebral disks that in consequence form prominences, which exert pressure on the nerve roots. The disease usually develops acutely (awkward movements - and suddenly "acted" in the back, the intense and pronounced pains not permit bending or straightening) and in many cases become chronic with periodic exacerbations.

What could cause an attack of the disease?

First of all, the weights lifting and awkward or jerky movements (torso and head rotation), supercooling of the body, spinal muscle spasms when trauma, stress and the infections, intoxications and metabolic disorders. The main sign and characteristic manifestations are the pains along the nerve fibers, disturbance of sensibility and movement disorders.

There are distinguished different forms of disease based on location of nerve fibers injury.

Radiculitis: symptoms.

Lumbar radiculitis is the most common complication in spinal osteochondrosis.

 Symptoms of lumbosacral radiculitis or just lumbar radiculitis: pains in the lumbosacral region, buttocks pains and in the direction of sciatic nerve (on the level of thighs, legs and even foots). For diagnosis is very important the painful sensitivity of paravertebral points to radiculitis, the symptoms roots and sciatic nerve tension, it is noted the scoliosis (reflex - analgesic position), sensitivity reducing, etc.

The forms of cervicobrachial and thoracic radiculitis are significantly less frequent.

There are distinguished the symptoms of cervicobrachial radiculitis: pains after head, shoulder, shoulder blade, which increases when cough, when head turning, when hand movements, it feels a numbness, burning or tingling in fingers, it is disturbed the sensitivity, it starts the dizziness, the hearing is reduced, it appears a  "swinging" gait.

The symptoms of thoracic radiculitis (rarely meets) - there is a pronounced pain crises, which encircle the thorax and become worse in motion.

Radiculitis: treatment.

The first question that arises when the attack: how to treat radiculitis? In traditional medicine the chain "radiculitis - treatment" during acute period includes the rest and confinement to bed, comfortable warmth, analgesics that are prescribed by physicians practicing allopathic medicine.

The treatment is performed when the acute phase of illness has passed. Therefore, throughout this period of time the person is suffering from exhausting pains.

We propose to treat the radiculitis on the day you came to the doctor, because as earlier the treatment is started the more quickly the pain will stop. The treatment of radiculitis in our clinic of Tibetan medicine is performed by means of oriental medicine (acupuncture, acupressure, heating with sagebrush cigars, herbal medicines and other techniques aimed at removing of inflammations, decrease of muscular tension, improve of trophy and regeneration at the cellular level) was successfully cured. The procedures applied in complex, remove the pains during the first healing sessions. Further action is focused on the origin of the cause that motivated the disease occurrence.